Keith Huffman

Pastor, CCL

I’ve been married to Dana Beckner Huffman for 20 years. She has been my best friend and high school sweetheart since we first met in 1990. We have 2 children: Keira and Luke Samuel. We live on what was my Grandparent’s property in Lewisville where we greatly enjoy the slower pace of life that comes with the winding roads, fields, and creeks of the rural Lewisville area.

What are your other interests/hobbies?
My primary hobby is working on and around our homestead. I love gardening, blacksmithing, building things, fishing, and shooting, along with about anything that runs, flies, floats, shoots, or makes noise. At the same time, I have a very eclectic reading interest in classical works, theology, current cultural matters, the Church Fathers, and wide variety and tastes in music.

What is your education/work background?
I have a A.S. in Business Administration from Forsyth Technical Community College, a B.S, in The History of Ideas and Biblical Studies from Southeastern College in Wake Forest, and a Masters of Divinity in Advanced Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I was ordained a Deacon in the Anglican Church in 2011 and ordained as a Priest in 2012. I have owned and operated my own business as a successful contractor in the past, and have worked in a variety of leadership positions over the years in various organizations and institutions.




Charli Mills Shelton

Interim Director of Worship Arts




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Church Administrator




Dana Huffman

Children’s Ministry Director